6 Branded Podcasts that Are Doing it Right

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More and more brands are turning to podcasts as an effective way to expand their reach, and it’s working.

Today’s consumers are spending more time than ever plugging into audio. As an intimate form of media, podcasts present a unique marketing opportunity for brands to connect with their audiences authentically. While regular advertisements can promote a brand or product in a 30-second window, a branded podcast promotes something arguably more important: brand affinity and community.

This BBC Global News Study breaks it down. Podcasts are a great way to reach those stealthy ad avoiders (we see you) and make subconscious associations with the brand. Compared to TV and radio advertisements, branded podcasts have 89% higher awareness and 57% higher branded consideration. That’s a lot!

But here’s the kicker: you can make engaging content and promote your brand. No one wants to hear a series of 30-minute commercials about how good your product is. Authentic storytelling and an engaging narrative? That’s a whole different story. 

Here are six examples of brands slaying the podcast game with their branded podcasts.

Expedia, Out Travel the System

The ultimate value-add through narrative storytelling.  Out Travel the System is an excellent example of a podcast using an innovative format while providing the most helpful advice to a tapped-in audience. Filled with travel tips, tricks, and hacks, this show delivers helpful content that positions Expedia as a practical, trustworthy brand.

TurboTax, Friends with Tax Benefits

The ultimate complex-topic-made-accessible podcast. Filing taxes might feel like a total drag, but TurboTax makes talking about taxes approachable, engaging, and, dare I say, fun. Through a unique chat-cast style and a Q&A section, this podcast helps make the brand more relatable and valuable to its listeners. Plus, they dish out some stellar financial advice. 

Trader Joe’s, Inside Trader Joe’s

The ultimate super-fan activator. This podcast is a perfect example of showcasing your brand’s origin story or giving super-fans a look behind the curtain. It covers all things Trader Joe’s related, from their various delicious products to why it’s so damn hard to find a parking spot. Trader Joe’s already has such a devoted cult following— this show just gives fans something new to snack on.


The ultimate product launch. Who knew that a lipstick line could have a companion podcast? Sephora does a great job of giving backstory and building community around a new product launch without sounding too promotional. The content features inspirational narratives from female thought leaders and changemakers. These #LIPSTORIES uplift women and celebrate the lipstick magic that makes them feel like their baddest, most powerful selves.

Salesloft, Hey Salespeople

The ultimate thought leadership booster. This podcast is by salespeople for salespeople. It provides actionable advice, taps into each guest’s network, and positions Salesloft as an industry expert and thought leader. Salesloft tastefully hones in on their audience, curating the perfect content for anyone with a sales background or passion. The best part? It’s insightful and beginner-friendly.

Ben & Jerry’s, Into the Mix

The ultimate change-maker. This podcast is an excellent example of a brand using audio to spark change through stories. Ben and Jerry’s has always been a proud advocate for voting rights, racial justice, climate justice, and LGBTQ+ rights, but this podcast takes it one step further. Into the Mix blends joy and justice, art and activism, to showcase the people who are building a liberated future. Talk about corporate social responsibility!

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