The Podcast Leap: When it’s Time to Invest in Your Podcast


Let’s allow ourselves to dream. What does your blue-sky podcast reality look like? Do you envision a podcast that’s number one in its genre, with thousands of downloads per episode? Heck yes, you do!

You probably already know that this level of success as a podcaster takes tons of time and commitment. And as your podcast grows, it can be tough to know when to take the podcast leap and invest in professional podcasting support to help you reach your dream. 

Here are three tell-tale signs it might be time to get help from experienced podcast pros:

  1. You’re unable to keep up with production demands on your own and have less than five hours left each week to devote to your podcast.
  2. Your audience has grown exponentially, but quality suffers because of lack of time and resources
  3. Podcasting is no longer just an hour or two per week hobby – it’s become a second job. 

If any one of those three statements is true, then it’s probably time to take the pod leap of faith.

Need some ideas of what you can offload to podcast pros?

Think about the bandwidth you’d gain from offloading any one of those tasks. And more bandwidth means more time to think about the overall vision of your podcast, and other goals you have in mind for it like monetization or building a brand around the subject matter of your podcast.

P.S. If you’re ready to take the leap, we are here to help. We know it can be a big transition from podcasting solo to doing things with a podcast production company – but we promise it’s 1,000% worth it. 

Click here to take the podcast leap and get started.

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