The Power of Podcasting: Making the Case for the New Trusted Medium

Here is our proven, data-backed case for podcasting as a powerful marketing strategy for brands.
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“I love the idea of doing a podcast… I just need to convince my manager that this will be a good return on investment.”

We hear this all the time – you know podcasting is powerful, you know it’s more affordable than other media, and you know it can be more effective than almost any other medium. But your team, boss, or co-founder just doesn’t get it.

This is when numbers speak louder than words.  Here is our data-backed case for the power of podcasting.

Trusted Medium 

For generations, radio has been known as “the trusted medium,” not because of the medium itself but because of the hosts that bring the radio shows to life. Listeners have clung to radio because of the connection they feel to their favorite host and the trust that has been established through that relationship. 

While radio has stood the test of time, podcasts have learned to stand on its shoulders. According to Mindshare UK, “35% of people surveyed said they trust podcast hosts more than radio or TV presenters, rising to over half for Gen Z.” In fact, listeners now value the trustworthiness of podcasts as almost equal to national newspapers. 

What does this mean? This means that podcasting has a newfound power to “allow listeners to become potential advocates for the dissemination of the podcast’s content and message,” as the Knight Foundation puts it. In a world where listeners are more skeptical than ever, podcasting has the power to deliver authentic, genuine messaging that audiences trust. 

Measurable Brand Awareness 

Not only does podcasting have the power to gain the trust of its base, but it also has the power to convert. 

In 2019, The New York Times released an article on how brands are using podcasts to reach their consumers in new and organic ways. “You get to catch that busy person where you couldn’t normally get them,” explained Rob Walch, a vice president at Libsyn, a podcast distributor that works with companies developing branded content. “They’re listening with earbuds, and you’re literally inside their head.” 

With this influence, branded podcasts deliver an 89% increase in brand awareness, 57% more brand consideration, and 24% higher brand favorability. For companies worried about the bottom line, podcasting opens an entirely new avenue to increase or change their brand perception to a listener base that is eager to listen and eager to trust. 

Measurable Return 

The power of podcasting doesn’t end there. Unlike most other platforms, podcast listeners are mostly active while they are actually listening. JAR Audio reports that when brands optimize their podcasts, there is a 16% increase in engagement and a 14% increase in purchase intent. This demonstrates a direct link between podcast listens and customer growth that can be calculated as a measurable metric.

Podcasting is not just a trending fad or a mere opportunity to get an ad placement in here or there. Podcasts have the power to gain the trust of its listenership, increase brand awareness, and amp up engagement in an entertaining, informative, authentic way. It’s the new trusted medium that is continuing to grow and outpace its counterparts. 

Listen to our CEO and Lead Content Strategist discuss further why podcasts are a brand’s greatest asset and how to convince your team to start one.

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