Claire Bidigare-Curtis


Claire is a musician turned sound designer, editor, mixer, and producer. Born with the ability to imitate sounds unusually well like her dad’s pager and her cat’s meow, let’s just say Claire has been obsessed with sound for a long time. She began pursuing a degree in music at Belmont University, but quickly realized her love for the BTS work and switched to audio engineering. Whilst getting her degree, she found her true love and passion for not only making things sound good, but specifically giving podcast listeners a more impactful and emotional experience through sound design. After deep diving into the podcast world, Claire has sound designed, edited, or produced numerous podcasts including Jody Avirgan’s Coach Speak, End Slavery TN’s Someone Like Me, and FiveThirtyEight. She is absolutely ecstatic to be a part of FRQNCY Media where she can help to change the world for the better through sound. When she’s not in the studio, you can find her playing professional ultimate frisbee, spending time with her German shepherd mutt, Korra (yes, named after ‘The Legend’), or baking cookies and macarons.


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