Dr. Jane Goodall Ushers in Era of Hope with New Podcast, “The Jane Goodall Hopecast”

We are so excited and proud to be the full-service production partner of primatologist, activist, storyteller, and conservation icon Dr. Jane Goodall.

FRQNCY Media has a FRQing huge announcement.

We are taking our mission “to heal, enlighten, and uplift through the power of sound” to a whole new level.

We are so excited and proud to be the full-service production partner of ethologist, activist, storyteller, and conservation icon Dr. Jane Goodall. Launching December 30, The Jane Goodall Hopecast ushers in a new era of hope, action, and change. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, and anywhere podcasts are found.

Wild Beginnings

It has only been a few months since we first started working with Jane Goodall and her brilliant team at the Jane Goodall Institute (JGI) to concept and produce her first-ever podcast. Jane has spent the last 30 years traveling 300 days out of the year, so when COVID hit it was the first time in decades she was in one place (her childhood home) for longer than 3 weeks.

She and her team considered this the perfect opportunity to reach even wider audiences about the importance of saving our planet.

Enter FRQNCY Media. 

They found us with a Google search, and the next day we were on a call with their team. It was an instant connection. Our values, our missions, our communication styles…everything aligned.

Turnkey Podcast Production

From concepting to publishing, the FRQNCY Fam has had a hand in it all.  Our Strategy team (Jessica, Becca, Jil, and Vincent, plus Matthew and Michelle) developed the structure and format for the podcast and our Production team (Michelle, Enna, and Matt) took on all phases of production alongside the brilliant JGI team. Our Promotions team (Sigele and Paige) engineered  the communications plan and designed the  graphics you’ll see promoting the launch and each episode.

Episode Journey

With each episode of The Hopecast, listeners get to know Dr. Goodall in a way they never have been able to before while hearing from change makers around the world with varied backgrounds and perspectives on pressing environmental issues like wildlife protection, climate action, and reforestation.

Each episode of The Hopecast takes listeners on a journey that first starts with a short story from Dr. Goodall about her life experiences. Next, Jane sits down with her guest for an intimate and often empassioned fireside chat. Episode 2, the first episode with a guest, features Dave Matthews and is set to release January 12.

After each chat, buried treasure awaits those who stay until the end of the episode. 

The episode will close with a rare 30- to 60-second archival clip. These clips have been unearthed from Dr. Goodall’s immense archive and will include decades-old events to exclusive content that no one has had access to before now.  

A First Look

The first taste of The Hopecast is the Conservation Chorus, a symphony of voices that will introduce each episode. The Conservation Chorus will be an ever-evolving intro, where we’ll swap out the voices with those of Dr. Goodall’s fans and supporters on an ongoing basis to reflect how we are all in the fight to save our planet together. You, too, can submit your voice to be featured in The Hopecast.

Read more about the Chorus here, and listen closely to spot the voices of Michelle, Enna, Matt, Jessica  (along with the tiniest FRQNCY Fammers) featured in the first iteration of the Chorus.

We hope this makes your heart glow as much as it does ours. 

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