What Makes a Great Branded Podcast? The FRQ Fam Weighs In

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Branded podcasts are on the rise, and we know why. According to the BBC, organizations with branded podcasts see 89% higher awareness, 57% higher brand consideration, and 24% higher brand favorability. Branded shows are well worth it, and more and more companies are getting on board. With this increase, it’s clear that there are branded podcasts… and then there are great branded podcasts, and we wanted to get to the bottom of the difference.

For our monthly newsletter, On the Wavelength, we asked members of the FRQ Fam, “What makes a great branded podcast?” Here’s what they had to say: 

“The combination of quality audio, content, consistency, and playing the long game. You should take the time to make sure the audio is great to not give your audience a reason to not to tune in. They should also know exactly the type of information they are going to receive and how often they can expect to hear new episodes.”

Sidney Evans, Podcast Editor

“A great branded podcast is one that puts the listener experience above all else. The podcast is an expression of the brand’s ethos, not its objectives. The brand takes a backseat to the storytelling. If done right, the listener will have an increased respect for the brand that reveals itself in more ways than direct sales.”

Becca Godwin, Project Manager & Executive Assistant

“I think what makes a good branded show is a podcast that teaches its specific audience something useful and new.”

Catherine Devine, Associate Producer

“A great branded podcast is a great podcast that just so happens to represent a brand. When you listen to shows like Why We Eat What We Eat, Open For Business, or life.after/The Message – it doesn’t feel like you’re listening to a commercial or product placement.”

Isabel Daly, Content Strategist

“A great branded podcast is one that is steeped in brand voice. After all, a branded podcast is a great marketing tool, so think of it as an opportunity to test out the sound profile of your brand voice. But podcasts are also a uniquely intimate way of communicating with your audience, so a great branded podcast should recognize that if you want people to spend time with your show, you have to speak to them, not like an ad, but like a friend, a mentor, or a trusted professional. There is a sweet spot between your brand voice and your audience’s next-door neighbor, and that’s where the best branded podcasts will be found!”

Jordan Rizzieri, Podcast Producer

“A great branded podcast has to start with strategy, and then be strengthened by its marketing. And without the two working hand in hand – you risk losing the ability to effectively reach your ideal audience. A mistake a lot of brands make when entering the audio space is failing to incorporate marketing and strategy into their ideation process, or incorporating them too late – rather than at the onset of the process. Thinking about the two earlier in the process, and allowing them to shape your show’s creation, could save them a lot of time and hassle later on in the distribution of the show.”

Sheeba Joseph, Audio Strategist 

As you can tell, we are pretty passionate about branded podcasts. Read more of what we have to say about them, plus some of our favorite examples:

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