Streamlining Soundwaves: Choose Wired Headphones for High Quality Sound

wired headphones

Wired or wireless? That’s the real question. And our answer? Wired, always. In fact, our producers and audio engineers ask that our hosts and their guests wear wired headphones for every single remote recording session. So while it might mean adding a pair of wired headphones to your next Amazon haul, trust us… it’s well worth it. 

Podcast Headphones… To Go Wired or Wireless?

We love AirPods and Bluetooth headphones too, but save them for listening to your favorite pod on your next walk. For branded podcasts, sound quality is of the utmost importance, and your Bluetooth headphones might be undermining your best efforts in achieving it.  

 Our Lead Audio Engineer, Matt Filler breaks it down for us: 

“The primary issue we have is that Bluetooth devices with built-in microphones, like AirPods, can take over as the default audio input without anyone realizing it. Then, after the fact, everyone realizes that the entire recording was done with the lower-quality Bluetooth microphone, and not their high-quality dynamic microphone. Not to mention, anything recorded via Bluetooth further compresses an already compressed signal.” 

That means more time spent re-recording or having to work with less than ideal raw audio.  And as sound gurus, we get how frustrating any roadblocks to production can be. Delays mean wasted time and money, but even more importantly a disrupted timeline. Trust us when we say we’ve been there before and have learned all of the hacks to prevent these mishaps from happening.

Our Associate Producer, Imani Leonard, agrees wired headphones are your best bet because they use analog or streamlined signals that can handle more data resulting in better sound quality.

Guide Your Guests

Sometimes it can be hard to convince a host to wear wired headphones, and we totally understand. You or your host may not be used to them or may find them uncomfortable (or dorky looking, though we think they look cool). When we began production with The Jane Goodall Hopecast, we were able to show Dr. Jane Goodall the numerous advantages of wired headphones. Now, the amazing Jane wears wired headphones without fail at each recording session. Like the pro she is.

jane goodall with wired headphones

Want brownie points? Be the host with the most and equip your episode guests with the right pair of headphones as well, especially if they are limited in what recording gear they have. Our Supervising Producer Enna Garkusha explains: 

“If a guest does not have a high-quality microphone, it is really important that they use wired headphones with a built-in microphone for sound quality.”

Outrageous Options

Fear not! Before you run to Google to find an endless list of options for the best wired headphones, tap into the minds of our production pros.

“While we don’t always recommend using the built-in mic that comes with your Bluetooth devices, we recommend using the wired kind if you absolutely must. Otherwise, if you’re able to record with a nice pair of closed-back headphones accompanied by a stand-alone microphone, we recommend the Audio Technica ATH-M50xBT  or any other closed-back, over-ear option that provides comfort and minimal sound leakage,” says Matt.

For more options on the best gear for the best sound quality (and the best value!), check out our Podcast Equipment Guide.

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