[CLOSED] We’re Hiring a Graphic Designer

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About Our Wavelength

We’re FRQNCY Media, the audio production company for Jane Goodall’s “Hopecast,” Vox Creative’s “More Than This,” Diane von Furstenburg’s “InCharge With DVF,” Coca-Cola’s “Total Refresh,” Alicia Silverstone’s “The Real Heal,” and many others.

FRQNCY is a one-in-a-million blend of innovation, passion, and joy. We offer tailored audio production support, including integrated services that take (super-skilled) care of content strategy, market research, production, editing, and marketing.

Meet Our CEO & Founder

Michelle Khouri is a podcast executive producer and audio entrepreneur. Michelle founded, and singlehandedly bootstrapped FRQNCY Media in 2018 with the vision of making the audio industry inclusive and accessible to all voices who want to bring good into this world. She is a first-generation Colombian American who comes from a long line of entrepreneurs, musicians, and activists. Get to know her.

Culture and Purpose Come First

FRQNCY is a purpose-driven company. We value alignment, intention, diversity, kindness, determination, and clarity. Every new member of our team shares our same values with equal fervor. We unabashedly work every day to dismantle toxic patriarchal systems, including  Capitalism and white supremacy. You’ll experience that in our day-to-day conversations as we bring to the surface ego-driven, racist, or misogynistic programming that must be called out in order to be healed.

We focus on our people before all else. This means that all part-time positions are built to open doors for future expansion within the company. If you want to be a part of a company that is changing what it means to work, we should talk.

Oh, and we value joy. We wake up every day wondering how it is we got lucky enough to spend our days surrounded by compelling stories, cradled in beautiful sounds, and entrenched in opportunities to whip up innovative new pieces of audio for our clients.

The Right Fit

Our future graphic designer has a true eye for design and aesthetics. You respect deadlines and know the FRQNCY brand guidelines inside and out, but you aren’t afraid to flex your own creative vision. You have an experimental mindset, and you aren’t afraid to do some research to learn new design methods or new ways of creating graphics. Detail-oriented is your middle name, and you are passionate about the small elements that no one thinks need a design decision. You are ready to use Canva collaboratively and are excited at the idea of designing podcast graphics for the world to see.

You will flex your superpowers in the following ways:

  • Design cover art and episode graphics for client podcasts
  • Design graphics for FRQNCY’s marketing channels, including newsletter, blog, social platforms, and website
  • Design pitch decks, proposals, presentations, eBooks, and infographics for FRQNCY-owned content
  • Design product packaging and printed promotional materials, including a variety of merch
  • Update brand books


Our ideal freelance graphic designer has:

  • Experience: 4+ years of experience with graphic design
  • Skills: 
    • A Scorpio-like eye for detail and Virgo-level organizational skills
    • Proficiency with project management tools and systems (like Monday.com) is a huge plus
    • Proficiency in using Google Drive folders for collaborative sharing
  • Clarity: Strong communication skills and a dedication to meeting deadlines
  • Initiative: If you’re proactively thinking about the next cool project, thinking through potential pitfalls, and identifying ways to improve without being prompted, we want to meet you.
  • Curiosity: You are naturally wired to research, explore, unearth, and discover.
  • Passion: Podcasts are what we do. They’re what we eat, breathe, and sleep. Having a passion for the core of our business is pretty, pretty, pretty…important.


We ask that you provide at least three of the following as samples of your work:

  • Brand guidelines 
  • Product packages
  • Visual identity for a product or brand
  • Website or app mockup
  • Social media graphics
  • Podcast graphics, including:
    • Cover art
    • Episode graphics
    • Audiograms
  • Animated visuals
  • Blog or newsletter headers
  • Infographics

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