[Closed] We’re Hiring an Audio Strategist

hiring audio strategist

FRQNCY Media is looking for a part-time Audio Strategist who will work with our small and tight-knight Strategy team to spearhead the research, development, and ideation of nearly all FRQNCY client productions.


  • Position: Audio Strategist
  • Experience: 1+ years of experience in creative strategizing, research, development for creative projects
  • Skills: Experience with concept ideation for video or audio preferred; Proficient writing skills with the ability to create and edit compelling copy for specific brands and creative narratives; Strong analytical skills; strong experience with curating, organizing, and translating research; Capacity to listen to and analyze large quantities of varied content for market research; experience with client-facing presentations; proficiency with Google Docs, collaborative file sharing, and general document formatting; familiarity with Monday.com is a plus
  • Pay: $25 per hour
  • Weekly Hours: 20-30
  • Location: Remote, will need to attend meetings on EST time
  • Team Lead: Jessica Olivier
  • Direct Collaborator: Isabel Moncloa Daly

Meet our founder.

Michelle Khouri is our founder and CEO. The seeds of this business were planted when she started The Cultured Podcast on her own in 2017. She is a first-generation Colombian American with a richly multicultural ancestry. Aside from being a podcaster and spirited Miamian, Michelle is a passionate entrepreneur and activist (and comes from a long line of both). She founded FRQNCY Media in 2018 with the mission of elevating podcast production and growing the industry through strategic content, affordable production, and educational resources that allow anyone to tap into podcasting as a powerful way to connect with their audiences.

We put our culture – and our people – first. 

FRQNCY is a mission-driven enterprise. We value alignment, intention, diversity, kindness, dedication, and clarity. Every new member of our team shares our same values with equal fervor.

We also value feeling joy in our work. The truth is, we wake up every day wondering how it is we got lucky enough to spend our days surrounded by compelling stories, cradled in beautiful audio, and entrenched in opportunities to whip up innovative new shows for our clients. To put it technically – this is a kick-ass life.

How You Support Our Vision

Our part-time Audio Strategist is a wormhole-diving, question-asking, brainstorm-loving creator aching for higher quality content in the podcast industry. You are unafraid of the thorough research-based approach we take to validate our creative hypotheses. You have big ideas about making audio projects and podcasts of every budget, format, and genre sparkle. You are excited to flex your writing skills, translating creative concepts into compelling client-facing copy. We’re looking for people who push back when something could be better and who have a thirst for bringing to life something that’s never been done before. 

You walk the tightrope between tried-and-true practices and innovative thinking. You approach your work with intention and communicate what you need, how your team can support you, and what you aim to achieve.

We focus on our people before all else, which means that all part-time positions are built to open doors for future expansion within the company. You get that, and you feel it. You want to be a part of a company that is ready to change an entire industry. And if that makes your heart skip a beat as it does ours, then we should talk.

The Right Fit

Our part-time Audio Strategist is a creative go-getter who will work with our tight-knit Strategy team to spearhead research, development, and ideation for FRQNCY’s client productions. You will be working remotely but will need to attend meetings and accomplish projects in mostly the Eastern time zone of North America. You will report to our fabulous lead strategist, Jessica Olivier

You will be an integral part of our core team and will flex your superpowers in the following ways:

  • Provide critical research and analysis support during the podcast development phase. Translate that data into original podcast concepts that align with the goals and budget of the client. 
  • Create client-facing research reports on the podcast/audio industry and gather new data by crafting new surveys and polls about the audio industry. 
  • Flex your writing skills by translating creative concepts into digestible copy for clients. A blank google doc does not intimate you, it empowers you.
  • Confidently present and pitch concepts internally, as well as in client-facing meetings.
  • Meet deadlines! Be punctual, and be ready to dive in if your team needs support. We all look out for each other, and meet our deadlines as a sign of respect for one another and the interconnectivity of our work.
  • Support the scripting and narrative strategy team, when needed.
  • Pivot flexibly between independent work and collaborative team efforts.
  • Consider multiple perspectives and backgrounds when creating concepts for clients to ensure diverse experiences are considered, included, and/or represented in FRQNCY-ideated audio projects. 
  • Create through a lens of antiracism, feminism, and post-capitalism. We’re here to heal the world through the power of sound, and we want you to help us. 


Our ideal part-time strategist has:

  • Experience: 1+ years of experience in creative strategizing, research, development for creative projects
  • Skills: 
    • Content ideation and brainstorming for audio projects 
    • Ability to listen to and analyze large quantities of varied content for market research
    • Curating, organizing, and translating industry research 
    • Proficient writing and editing skills 
    • Experience with client-facing presentations
    • Presenting and pitching material for both internal and client-facing meetings
    • Proficiency with Google Drive
    • Experience with Monday.com and Canva is a plus
  • Clarity: Strong communication skills and a dedication to meeting deadlines
  • Initiative: If you’re proactively thinking about the next cool project, thinking through potential pitfalls, and identifying ways to improve without being prompted, we want to meet you.
  • Curiosity: You are naturally wired to research, explore, unearth, and discover.
  • Passion: Audio is what we do. It’s what we eat, breathe, and sleep. Having a passion for the core of our business is pretty, pretty, pretty…important.


We’d love to see a sample of your work demonstrating your research and development skills. This could include (but is not limited to):

  • Development plan for a creative project
  • Content strategy plan
  • Research report
  • Pitch deck

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