2021 Recap: Feeling Like a Million Bucks

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A Word from Michelle

We made it, y’all! Another year navigating the trickiness of a life mid-pandemic. But for FRQNCY, this has been a very different year than 2020. Last year challenged me as a business owner in ways I wasn’t prepared for. You hear about other entrepreneurs’ struggles – the days, weeks, or months when they’re not sure they’ll make it. But with our first year in 2019 being as massively successful as it was, I was preparing myself and the business for rapid expansion.

And then, well, we all know what happened. 

It was rough. I went through a deep depression, having to face for the first time the sheer possibility that this company, which often feels more like a heartsong than a business, could fail. It was sobering. Humbling. Terrifying. And it was motivating…it dawned on me that if this business were ever to fail, it would fail despite my greatest efforts to make it succeed. It would fail in a blaze of passion, determination, and effort. Which is what 2021 became. And what a blaze of passion this year has been. 

In 2020, we closed an abysmal $95,000 in sales. 

In 2021, we closed over $1,000,000 in new business. 

Not everything can be captured by as capitalistic a measure as sales, but y’all, this figure represents so much more than just dollars. This figure reflects the resilience of our team, the strength of our values, and the growth of our culture. Because that’s what it takes to grow as swiftly and strongly as we did. Together. 

We navigated growing pains, with a team that grew by 50%. We navigated meticulous process changes and pivots. A continuing fully remote reality. The formation of our leadership team. Rough client relationships and blossoming client friendships. Constant tests of our values. The addition of a new (game-changing) CFO and finance team. Our second fully on-location and traveling production (after being freshly and fully vaccinated). And the rollout of our first-ever salaries and a comp plan that embraces post-capitalist principles of shared decision-making, shared profits, and centering work as a part of life rather than the traditional opposite.

This year has been a whirlwind. This year has been a gift. Now, after two full weeks off for our entire team, we’re feeling rested and ready to go. Because we all know this is just the beginning of our new path. And while I’m relishing every bit of gratitude I feel for how far we’ve come, I’m also reeling with excitement about our plans for the coming year (you’ll get a little teaser for that in Atlanta Magazine’s January 2022 issue). 

Through all of this, thank you. Thank you for supporting us, for showing us such kindness, and for being on this Wavelength with us. 

Read on for a recap of 2021.

Wishing you nothing but expansion in 2022. 

With love and gratitude,
Founder & CEO

2021 Recap

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New Hires

Jeremiah Adeola

Graphic Designer

A metro Atlanta native by way of Nigeria and New Jersey, Jeremiah is a graphic designer and creative that loves bringing stories to life.

Laura Boyman

Associate Producer

Laura Boyman (she/her) is a resident Jersey girl with a passion for crafting exciting narratives and pushing the boundaries of audio-based storytelling.


Claire Bidigare-Curtis

Sound Designer

Claire is a musician turned sound designer, editor, mixer, and producer.

Alana Herlands

Alana Herlands


Alana Herlands is a multimedia producer who is passionate about having deep conversations, critical thinking, and making truth widely accessible and far reaching through a compassionate lens.

Imani Leonard

Associate Producer

Imani (They/She) is an associate producer at FRQNCY Media. You can think of them as the narrative nabber, the story sniffler, the audio angler (inserts sunglasses emoji).

Jordan Rizzieri


Jordan Rizzieri is a creative producer, writer, public speaker, and recovering mall goth.

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