Our New Referral Program Brings the Cha-Ching

Meet Cha-Ching, a new referral program that FRQNCY is offering to give back to you what you bring to us.

Did you know that almost all of FRQNCY’s business comes from referrals or word-of-mouth? Our squad is clearly strong, and there’s no better time to give back to and grow that community than right friggin’ now. Enter Cha-Ching, a new referral program that FRQNCY is offering to our friends, family, and clients past, present and future to give back to you what you bring to us. 

For every client we sign on that you referred, you get a piece of the pie. And who doesn’t love pie? To be exact, the referral bonus is 1% of the final contract budget up to $1,000. That’s a $1,000 slice of pie, y’all! And you can never max out the number of Cha-Ching bonuses you get, so keep those referrals coming! Click here to read the full program terms.

Referral Guide

Cha-Ching’s mission is to incentivize people in our close circles to connect us with potential new business so that we can continue to elevate FRQNCY in the podcasting space while giving back to the people who support that vision. If someone you know works at a brand or has a personal brand that matches one of the bullet points below, email us at hi@frqncy.media so we can guide you in making the connection (and ? bonus ?) happen.

Brands we’d love to work with

Household name brands whose company missions and values align with our own. Organizations and thought leaders who share our same vision for the future and are making an impact. These are just a few of our dream referrals (the full list is long):

Characteristics we look for in potential clients

We are a purpose-driven company that values alignment, intention, diversity of perspective, kindness, thoughtfulness, and clarity, and are interested in working with those who share our values. 

  • Innovative/interested in doing things differently
  • Human-first company culture
  • Support social justice and equity
  • Support women’s rights
  • Support the health of our planet
  • Protect or help to protect natural landscapes

Genres we want to produce

Here at FRQNCY, we are podcast FRQs. We’re especially invigorated by podcasts that push the boundaries of a given genre. We would love to stake our claim in the scripted podcast frontier, a landscape that could benefit from more diversity, experimentation, and creativity. That said, these are the formats we’re most excited about producing:

  • Scripted
  • Kids
  • Experimental
  • Deeply immersive
  • Tech-enabled; category-bending

Tips For Success

Your success is our success and we want everyone who participates in Cha-Ching to get even more out of it as you  put into it. Here are key tips for success when making referrals.

  • Personal Connection. The strongest referrals are for people in your personal or professional network – within one to two degrees of you. Please, please, please do not cold email anyone on our behalf.   
  • Name Drop. Make sure the person you refer makes it clear that you referred them. If they use the FRQNCY contact form, they should include your full name in the “Referred By” section. We want to give credit where credit is due so we can actually, ya know, pay you!
  • Alignment. We can be choosy, which is why we included the prompting lists above to help guide you in making referrals that are most likely to lead to a successful new partnership!

Official Terms

FRQNCY’s Cha-Ching Program is open to anyone, including current and past contractors, clients, and collaborators of FRQNCY Media Co. Participants in FRQNCY’s Cha-Ching Program are eligible to receive one percent (1%) of the final project cost once the Master Service Agreement (MSA) and accompanying Statement of Work (SOW) are signed by the referred entity (“Client”). The Cha-Ching bonus is based on the final project cost as stated in the fully executed MSA/SOW. Cha-Ching bonuses can only be earned once per Client. Cha-Ching bonuses are only eligible for referrals made after February 9, 2021, and only apply to entities that have never worked with FRQNCY Media prior to the referral being made. Cha-Ching bonuses are eligible on new Client contracts signed within 12 months of the initial referral date. Cha-Ching bonuses are issued via a limited edition prepaid credit card that can be used anywhere credit cards are accepted. All bonuses are issued in U.S. dollars.  Individuals, organizations, or entities that are currently or have ever been involved in a legal dispute with FRQNCY Media Co. are not eligible to participate in the Cha-Ching Program.

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